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Safe Space

Protective Bunker

Your own bunker, just a dream or soon reality? Many fantasize about their own bunker, but is that even possible? Yes, with 24/7 InSecurity you can fulfil the dream of your own bunker!

A bunker increases the chance of survival in a SHTF - WC scenario (Shit hit the Fan - Worst Case scenario) many times over. The Safe Space bunker protects against various dangers. In particular against ABC weapons and radioactive fallout, but also against the violent intrusion of possible enemies, assassins or burglars. The 24/7 InSecurity Safe Space bunker has reinforced walls, armoured doors and windows as well as equipment such as weapons and ammunition for self-defence, stored food and water supplies, adequate medical supplies, a separate power source, ventilation, lighting, a toilet and communication facilities such as internet, telephone and radio to the outside. In order to be able to observe the situation outside the room, additional cameras, door spies and video surveillance monitors as well as sensors such as motion detectors are installed.

CHF 7000 up

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