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Concrete Bollards

Crowds are at high risk of terrorist attacks due to the use of large vehicles. This sounds threatening, but it is reality. Not only events in public spaces are in danger, but also general business traffic and the course of the day, as it has been unfortunately the case in several European metropolises in the recent past. These attacks on people who have done nothing other than walk over Christmas markets or boulevards demonstrate the danger of terror. That is why concrete bollards should provide lasting protection.

Public places must be protected in order to prevent, for example, an assassin from driving a truck into a crowd of people. For in propaganda and the choice of targets, the focus of terrorists is increasingly turning to public spaces such as pedestrian zones, tourist destinations and transport centres. In case the next target of the terrorists are residential houses, you should equip yourself with the concrete bollards as soon as possible and secure your home and yourself. 

CHF 500

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