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24/7 InSecurity is a fictional online shop

The shop is an art project that takes a critical position on the state of our society. It was created while I completed my Master's degree in Design with a specialization in Trends and Identity at the Zurich University of the Arts. For more than one and a half years I have dealt with the topic of security, analyzed it and drawn conclusions from it. The shop is an art project that takes a critical position on the state of our society. The longing for security, a topic that has only recently been declared a megatrend, has a strong impact on our society. It influences our consumer behavior, our coexistence and even our identity construction. The longing for security and the products offered for it also affect our aesthetic perceptions, which are reflected in new aesthetics in our lifestyle.


In my research, I came across a seemingly endless range of products and services that almost shocked me and the people around me. However, the often very ambivalent and absurd products creep into our society almost unnoticed, which is why I would like to draw the attention to and encourage reflection on the mass of products and services with my project. The project 24/7 InSecurity is not about criticizing individual companies and their products, but about showing a zeitgeist of our society. The fictional online shop has no commercial intention, but serves solely as a mediation tool.


Alena Hausruckinger

Master of Arts in Design

Trends & Identity

Zurich University of the Arts


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