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Infant Health Monitoring Device

The supplier promises:

allb frees you from worry, so that you can focus on enjoying the time with your child.

allb is a wearable baby monitor that connects you and your loved ones anywhere, any time. allb allows you and your family to check up on your baby in real time through your smart phones and alerts you if anything is amiss. 

Have you ever worried whether your baby is breathing well while he or she is asleep? allb closely monitors your baby’s abdominal breathing and sends an alert to your smart phone and emits an audible alarm if your baby stops breathing. Baby’s sleep patterns are very important. Through the allb app, you can easily record your baby’s sleeping times and check on them via a graph in the app. Since baby’s cannot express when they are cold or hot, allb provides real time skin temperature monitoring. Sleeping in the prone position increases the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Accordingly, allb records how long your baby sleeps in the prone position and sends you an alert if it is excessive.

CHF 159

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