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Explosion Protection

The innovative DUCON Antiblast technology is suitable for protection against terrorist attacks of any kind and many other threats. There are virtually no limits to the possible applications and designs.

The DUCON Antiblast concrete already meets the highest security requirements today with only very small component thicknesses. The explosion protection was proven in tests with contact charging. While with reinforced concrete - despite higher strengths - smooth breakthroughs with debris projection were observed, with DUCON, on the other hand, there was only a blast impression without debris projection. DUCON offers complete protection even after blasting. The Antiblast technology is used for explosion protection in walls of new and existing buildings. Several endangered infrastructures such as public facilities, embassies, computer centres or power stations have already been successfully protected with this building material.

Protect your home with Antiblast concrete, at best in combination with DUCON Bullet Break.

CHF on request

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