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Arlo Baby

Baby Monitoring Camera

Complete peace of mind.

Stay Close, No Matter Where You Are.

Be the first to know.

Arlo Baby is a smart baby monitoring camera, lullaby player, night light and air sensor. It lets you know in a heartbeat whether the noise was something to worry about or nothing at all. With night vision that won’t let darkness get in the way and HD technology that reveals every detail for complete peace of mind, you won’t ever have to leave your baby alone again.

Arlo Baby keeps you connected to your baby whether you are in the next room or thousands of miles away. Check in on them live or watch recordings of priceless past moments. Fear of missing out is a thing of the past now that you can securely grant Arlo Baby's access to your loved ones so everyone can be in on the baby action. View live anytime and receive instant mobile alerts whenever motion or audio is detected. Stay in the know of the nursery's environment with Arlo Baby air sensors.

CHF 199

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