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Bag Sleeve

Plastic Handbag Protection

Our Bag Sleeve plastic carrier bags - convenient against dirt, moisture and bacteria.

Bag Sleeve comes with everything you expect from a bag. Being durable, reusable, suitable for everyday use and stylish - those are the most important advantages. Bag Sleeve is not only inexpensive, but also dirt and water repellent. These bags can be folded down to the smallest format and can still be used several times while maintaining the same quality. The sturdy bags are also tear-resistant. The carrying handle is stable and lies comfortably in the hand. Bag Sleeve is easy to fill and suitable for the safe transportation of various things. 
Whether you're shopping, on your way to work or just in your spare time, Bag Sleeve is a good choice, looks perfectly styled and protects what's valuable to you from dirt, moisture and bacteria.

CHF 37

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