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Nest Secure

Home Security System

Tough on bad guys. Easy on you. Most security systems are designed around intruders. But you’re not an intruder. Nest Secure is easy to live with. And it’s only tough when you need it to be. You can arm and disarm with the Nest app from anywhere. Tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard as you come and go. Or just ask your Google Assistant to arm for you. You can also enter a passcode on Nest Guard’s keypad. (But only if you like passcodes.)

No stressful countdowns, loud beeps or rushing out the door. You can choose how much time you need to arm or disarm before the alarm goes off – up to 5 minutes. And if you forget to arm, you’ll get a Remind Me alert on your phone. Stick Nest Detect on a window and you’ll know when it opens. Stick it on a wall and it senses motion in a room. And when you stick it on a door, it can sense both motion and opening/closing. Nest Detect also looks out for your family, whether you’re at home or away. Always know what’s happening at home. If the alarm goes off, you’ll get a security alert on your phone. Check the free Nest app to see what triggered the alarm. Then you can call the police or your emergency contacts.

CHF 399

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