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Pattern Door Lock

Smart Door Security

Has it ever crossed your mind that someone can easily steal your electronic door passcode? Shit happens! More often than not, gullible people end up as victims and the wicked score another win. The Pattern Door Lock is designed in a way that the code combination is not easily visible. With Braille integrated, the locking system adds a layer of security and functionality to the whole setup.

The Pattern Door Lock offers a passcode access method that can not be learned by observation. The buttons are hidden so that no passer-by is able to see the PIN that is entered, which is preventing shoulder surfing attacks. Keeping the door itself looking sleek and simple, the mechanism is embedded into the back of the elongated knob. The homeowner can grasp the Pattern Door Lock and press the four buttons with each of his fingers, initiating entry without revealing a thing.

CHF 99

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