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Home Security System

SimpliSafe promises a whole home protection. It secures every window, room and door. It prevents intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies and more. Everything is monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police. Real home security prepares for the worst. And builds backups. And backups for those backups.

SimpliSafe is smash-safe. An intruder may damage the keypad. Doesn't matter. It still alerts the police. There are 6 monitoring centers. They all protect your home. All the time. Overkill? It's not. It means there's no single point of failure. So a disaster can't take down your protection. SimpliSafe's alert confirmation is big. It means that an alarm signal is sent until the monitoring center confirms they got it. It’s how you can be absolutely sure help is there when you need it.

CHF 229

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